Complete Refurbished Hot Gas Path Capital Parts

GE FR7FA+e "7241" Vintage Capital Components


1st Stage Bucket Set
2nd Stage Bucket Set
3rd Stage Bucket Set
1st Stage Nozzle Assembly
2nd Stage Nozzle Assembly
3rd Stage Nozzle Assembly
1st Stage Shroud Block Set
2nd Stage Shroud Block Set
3rd Stage Shroud Block Set

Energy Parts Solutions is a global service provider of equipment and replacement
for all major aeroderivative and heavy industrial gas turbine technologies,
including 7FA refurbished hot gas path capital parts.

Our goal is to help power producers continue operations and repair outages with
minimal downtime so we deliver 24/7/365 with same-day quotes and same-
or next-day shipping from our multiple distribution centers.

For more information regarding the 7FA parts we have in stock, please contact
or call: (660) 829–5100.



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